Friday, March 16, 2012

the new roof

The temporary plastic sheeting has been removed and the rafters are being prepped for the rigid plastic roof sheets.  Here the rafters are being painted white and any paint drips are being sanded smooth.  

In the above two photos the rigid panels are being readied for installation.  Each panel is comprised of square tubes side by side which are open at the top and bottom.  There is tape that must be applied to the open ends of these tubes, one tape for the top and a different tape for the bottom.  Once the tape has been applied a metal channel is tapped onto the top and bottom edges.  Then the panel is ready to be installed.  The panels are 4x12 and are like a sail if caught by the wind.  They must be fastened into place on the edges and on each supporting rafter.  There is a printed plastic film protecting the panel that must be removed during the installation process. 

In this picture the extension ladder is resting in the bucket of the loader on the bottom and resting up against a second ladder on the back side of the roof at the top.  The ladder is suspended over the roof.  The challenge here was to be able to reach to fasten the panel to the rafter without leaning on the panel.

Here is another angle of the ladder suspended over the first panel.  The panel has been attached at the left edge and bottom edge and now must be fastened on each of the rafters.  There is a plastic channel that is applied to the right edge that will have the next panel slipped into it which turned out to be harder than it sounds. 

Here is Nathan suspended over the panel screwing the panel down.  The protective plastic has been partially removed.  Our roof is a little longer than the standard length panel and the open area at the bottom will be filled in with wood.  This will decrease a little the amount of light that comes into the greenhouse but will protect the lower edge from damage.  The standard panel was a good financial choice as well as the custom panels were significantly more expensive.

Here is a picture from inside the greenhouse of Nathan suspended over the rigid roof panel.

This is Nathan at the peak of the roof.  The glazing panels are tucked underneath the shingles of the roof ridge cap and the shingles are folded over and fastened down. This completes the shingling on the north side of the roof and protects the top end of the panel from damage and rain.