Monday, July 27, 2015

A few garden pictures

Still no major garden update.  Oops.   My garden has been disappointing this year.  The weeds and the lawn are growing like crazy.  I have a lawn that takes at least eight hours to mow and I usually mow it is sections and it takes a couple of days, sometimes three.  Lately, it seems to be loving the heat and it is needing mowing twice a week. By the time I get the last section done the first is needing mowing again.

I haven't been noticing any new deer damage, but maybe it is hidden by the weeds.  I do have some more baby veggie pictures.  I know that there are some folks getting lots of full size produce.  My garden is not that far along yet.

A couple weeks ago I noticed some of my green unripe plums were on the ground below the tree.  I did a bit of reading about plum fruit dropping and there was lots of discussion about stressed trees dropping their fruit.  My tree is a young tree and last year it got its first fruits, but just a couple and they didn't get any size to them and were gone before they got ripe.  I assumed a bird ate them but maybe they dropped as well.  I was excited to see one of my plums appears to be ripening as it is red and getting softer.  The rest remain rock-hard and green.

The edamame is starting to come.

And some eggplant.

The kohlrabi is getting some size to them.

The sage and rosemary that we are growing for the party next summer are doing well also.

These are all things that are growing closer to the house and our three big dogs--the herbs are next to the house and the edamame, kohlrabi and eggplant are behind fencing.  So, so far they have not been nibbled on.  I have been looking for fencing ideas and pinned everything that I have seen so far.

Our weather has been hot and humid, miserable to be outside.  We have not had much for rain so I have been doing a lot of watering.   Rain is predicted again tonight.  I hope that it comes.  Mother Nature is much more proficient with watering than me, she gets it all done at once.  I have a water timer that works great for the big garden where it is set up but there is still a bunch of hand watering and moving the sprinklers for the rest.  I guess it is job security.   

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

some recipes using produce that will soon be available in the garden

A garden update is coming soon but in the meantime here is a link to several great, healthy recipes that my daughter Nikole cooked for us and they are great.  Easy and quick with fresh ingredients.  Definitely keepers.  Check it out here.