Potager: French term for a kitchen garden.  Common elements include an enclosure, walkways between the beds and an organized, formal layout.  Our potager started as four raised beds.  Over the years we have added a center raised bed, a fence and crushed granite pathways.  In 2011 several new smaller beds were were added along the fence and in 2012 strawberries were added.  Also in 2012 began the replacement of the original raised beds.  The first one was replaced in 2012 with the remainder to be replaced in 2013 and 2014.

In 2011 we started adding perennial fruits and vegetables to the yard surrounding the potager.  The rhubarb that used to be in the center raised bed was moved to east of the potager and six blueberry plants were added east of the rhubarb.  In 2012 we added a row of asparagus beyond the blueberries and beyond that we dug up some black raspberry canes that were growing wild on the edges of the grove and transplanted them into a row east of the asparagus.

North of the potager is the old sandbox.  In the fall of 2012 it was divided into two parts and spring of 2013 it will get cranberries in the north portion.  The blueberries have not been to happy in their current location and they may get moved to the south portion.  Pictured below is Sadie lying in what will be the cranberry bed during the construction of the divider wall and small platform that will hold the sundial or a birdbath or pots of flowers.

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