The hobby farm has always had animals.  Meet the current inhabitants.

Holly is the boss of the herd.  She is a pinto mare who came to live with us for the summer and ended up joining our family.  She came a little bit late for two horse-crazy girls who were mostly grown when we got her.  

Sneaky is a ewe who is the last of our flock of sheep.  When we decided to get out of the sheep business and sell the flock we made arrangements for the entire flock to go together to another farm to be a part of their breeding program.  Two days before the big move Sneaky snuck out of the pasture and was in the yard.  Encouraged by Codie to get back into the pasture she crashed into the fence and was not getting around too well when the farmer came to get the rest of the flock so she stayed behind.  Now fully recovered she holds her own in our little herd.

Monte Carlo
Monte is a Nubian buck (or billy goat) that was one of four boy goats born on our farm within two years when we were desperately hoping for baby girls to show at the fair.  Nubians are dairy goats and only girls are shown at the county and state fair.  Five kids were born, four were bucks.

Belle Etiole
Belle is a Nubian doe, a female goat.  She came to us as a baby to be a 4-H show goat. We purchased her when our goats born on the farm turned out to be of the male persuasion.  Belle Etiole means 'beautiful star' in French.  Belle was to be a mother and she would be shown as a milking doe and give us new babies to add to our herd.  For two breeding seasons she went to visit a farm with bucks and both times she came home not pregnant.

Figuring that Belle was sterile and would never be a mom, boy were we surprised when Cache-Cache made her appearance.  Cache-Cache, pronounced "cash-cash," is French for 'hide and seek'.  Of course she was too late to be a show goat--our 4-Her was in college but she is a sweet goat nonetheless.  She is mom to our newest member of the herd.

Gemma was born March of 2013.  She is mostly black like her daddy with brown legs the color of her momma. She has one cute white spot on her side.  She was born while Caitlin was at the farm on spring break.  It was love at first sight.   
Gemma and Caitlin on the day of Gemma's birth.

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