Sunday, November 4, 2012

the greenhouse floor--the last major project

In this picture: Nikole, Michelle, Nathan and Reese
 The last major project to be completed in the Mom's greenhouse is the insulating and tiling of the growing room floor.  The above photo shows three steps in preparation for tiling.  In the back of the photo can be seen the floor joists and insulation.  That is covered by the plywood which is seen on the left side of the picture.  The plywood is covered by the cement board which is seen on the right.  Once these surfaces are in place the floor is ready for tile.
Nikole and Michelle begin laying the tile at the drain.  This will determine the placement of the tiles for the rest of the room.  Not pictured: Lisa and Nathan.
 The tiling process is coming along.  The spacers can be seen as well as the portable heat source necessary to keep the room sufficiently warm so that the mortar can properly set. 
Last tile!!

Nikole placing the final tile

In this picture the seedling mat can be seen
 After the tile sets overnight the grout is applied.  Since our project has big temperature extremes every eight feet the grout is replaced with caulk as an expansion joint.  Here the tile still has a little of the haze that needs to be cleaned from the tile as a final step in the grouting process.
The finished drain

These plant benches are made from recycled pallets.  The pallets originally held a specialized product that required a plywood top instead of the standard spaced boards.  They are smaller than a conventional pallet--20 X 33 and only needed legs attached to make benches to hold the plants.

To see Nathan's take on the greenhouse construction check out his blog Northland Phoenix here
for more pictures, video and commentary. 

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