Sunday, November 15, 2009

the rafters go up

A snowy day in fall of 2009 we built 13 rafters.  Once they were all built we raised the first one into place and fastened it to the north and south knee walls.  In this photo you can see the sill for the dividing wall between the growing area on the right and the storage area on the left. 
Temporary bracing is used to hold the first rafter up and in correct alignment.  Michelle on the ladder, Nathan and Dad on the ground.

Permanent bracing is then fastened to each rafter on the south (glazed) side to keep the rafters correctly spaced.  On the north (shingled) side plywood under the shingles will be fastened to the rafters which will hold them in place.

 Nathan on the ladder attaching bracing.  The braces are staggered to allow them to be fastened through the rafter.

Grandpa Denny supervises from the ground.  His building experience and surplus building supplies and tools proved invaluable.

The last rafter is in place.  It is starting to look like a building.

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