Monday, November 18, 2013

greenhouse update

There aren't any new photos to share but I did do a quick inventory of what is growing in the greenhouse.  Most everything is still pretty small but hopefully there will be enough varieties for a green salad for thanksgiving.

There are currently gutters filling up the available hanging space.  When I started filling them up I took away the highest spots as i needed a ladder to reach and to see.  I have room for two or three more sets of chain slings east of the door.  In the slings are:

3 allstar mix
4 mizuna
1 claytonia
1 green romaine
1 red romaine

I have in tubs:
1 green romaine
2 kale
2 pac choi
2 vitamin green

5 pots of radishes

1 planter of collards

And transplants in cups:
32 bilko
30 Tokyo becana
34 Tatsoi
25 arugula
21 golden frill

and lots of seeds on the germination mats


I was out doing a late check on the temperature in the greenhouse (it was 40° at 11 pm) so i took some pictures.

vitamin green

early and later plantings of pac choi


green romaine

radishes (back) collards (front)

Bilko transplants

Bilko, Tokyo Bekana, broccoli transplants

arugula, tatsoi, golden frill

seeds on the germination mat.

allstar mix



romaine green on top and red on bottom

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