Monday, April 7, 2014

starting the pea trellis

It isn't much but it feels so good to get a start in the garden.  Last week I tried to start this row of T posts and the post would only pound in about two inches.  I left the post standing there and today when i went back I was able to pound it in the rest of the way which is about a foot.  So I figured out the spacing and pounded in the rest of the row. 

The soil there is still pretty muddy so I am going to give it another day or two to see if gets better and then I will work up the area between the posts and install the beautiful green wire that Nikole and Brad were not going to use and donated to the farm.  I think that it will make great trellising. 

I also dug up a few of the sweet corn stalks that were still there from last year.  It was still a little muddy there as well but they dug easily so I figure that if I do some every day it won't be long until that side of the garden is ready to plant as well.  The oats that I planted as a cover crop has winter killed where it had germinated and grown last fall.  The rows that were seeded too late in the fall have not started to sprout yet so it is still too early to know if that is going to work as a spring green manure crop.  Row number 7 which I selected for the pea trellis this year is one of the rows that grew oats last year.  It should just need a little addition of compost turned in and it should be ready to plant. 

greenhouse update

A lot of the winter greens have been going to seed so I am trying to finish them up and clearing them out so that  there is room for the garden seedlings that are starting to take up room.  I think that I am going to start trying to move what is left outside during the day and also the broccoli which has not developed heads yet..  I might try planting a few in the garden and see how they do. 

I have been up potting some seedlings, yesterday and today it was flower seedlings, the marigolds and zinnias that are for Nikole's and Brad's garden.  I might sneak a couple marigolds for my garden.  There's a bunch, I doubt that she will notice a couple didn't make the trip to the big city.

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