Friday, September 9, 2016


I am not big on social media.  I do facebook, kind of, but I don't Twitter and until today I didn't do Instagram. Why the change?  And why now?

In August the online newletter from King Arthur Flour announced that they were starting a bakealong.  Each month they would put out a recipe and all of those interested could bake the recipe and send their photo of the finished product or the process to King Arthur Flour and they would be displayed on their website.

The August recipe was a bread and I made the bread and took a couple of pictures and then I was stuck.  The pictures sat in my phone for a while.  I had checked with my much more Instagram savvy daughter who assured me that I could add a previously taken photo on Instagram  My bread was tasty, my pictures were taken and I stalled setting up an Instagram account.  I am not sure why I stalled.  There are people that I know on Instagram and bloggers that I read on Instagram that I would like to 'follow' but you need an account in order to do that.  So it makes sense that I would 'do' Instagram.

I kept busy doing other things, avoiding setting up that Instagram account until today when the next online newsletter came out and the September bakealong recipe was announced.  It was time.  Mom's Hobby Farm now is on Instagram.  I have exactly one photo, so far.  It looks like this, but square. 
 This bread is called pane bianco. 
 It is a yeast bread that is rolled flat and topped with dried tomatoes, basil and cheese.
 It is then rolled up, shaped into an 'S' and then cut down the top of it and baked. 
 I liked the bread.  I shared it with my folks who also liked it.  They toasted it on their grill and said that it was good that way too.  I tried to send my picture to King Arthur Flour and it has not shown up yet on their website.  I am not sure if it takes awhile to show up or not but if it isn't there tomorrow my daughter will be home the weekend so perhaps she can help me.

Shameless plug:  One reason my daughter will be home this weekend is our family will be walking in the closest Walk to Defeat ALS for our 8th consecutive year.  It is a terrible disease.  If you have the opportunity to walk or contribute to a walker in your area please consider doing so.  The ice bucket challenge of a couple of years ago was wildly successful and because of that money raised real progress is being made in researching for a cause and a cure. I feel that we are so close.  The Jay Walkers, our team, will put on our matching orange t-shirts and hit the trail on Saturday.  600 walkers are expected and a goal of $80,000.00 has been set.  We are planning to do our part.  


  1. I will have to follow you on Instagram! Follow me too - jacquelinekayes. I have gotten lazy and post a lot more on Instagram (clicking on Facebook too) than blogging. It is so quick and easy. I love King Arthur and all of their wonderful products and ideas. This is beautiful and I am sure it is delicious.

    1. Thanks Jacqueline! I never anticipated having Instagram. I am not much of a photographer but I needed it to send pictures for the bakealong. It will be nice also to follow my kids and other bloggers. Perhaps I will use it more than one picture a month to KAF. I love them too. They have great tutorials and recipes. Thanks for the information about your Instagram. I headed over there and clicked to follow. I will have to spend a little time checking out your photos and posts. I appreciate the visit and comment.