Monday, March 27, 2017

farm update

The farm has been kind of busy the past weeks with lots of stuff going on.

It is maple sap season 

The weather is kind of sporadic so when the conditions are right, not too cold or not too warm, the sap is running.  There has been a lot of windy weather and  couple of times the wind has blown the buckets off the tree.  It is a small operation, I only have two trees, but this year I added two more buckets and taps which has doubled my capacity.  Since I have read that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup, I probably won't end up with more than a couple of pints of syrup but it is fun.

The winter greenhouse

The winter greenhouse is winding down and switching over to the spring season.  One experiment that I tried was last spring I bought a hanging basket that contained some strawberry plants.  The plan was that after spending the summer outside we would try to overwinter it in the greenhouse.  A few weeks ago I was pleased to see that it was flowering.

 and now it has one small white strawberry that is just starting to ripen.
  It doesn't look like much yet but I am encouraged to try more baskets next winter.  I have quite a bit of room for hanging baskets and some empty baskets.  Rather than buying them already planted at the nursery I will pot them up myself.

I also overwintered my rosemary and sage.  Some of my rosemary has been blooming for a while now.  These plants are two years old.  We started them from seed to be used on the tables at my daughter's and son-in-law's wedding party last summer..

The spring greenhouse

It is that time when the greenhouse gets too warm for winter greens and the plants bolt, turn bitter and go to seed.  It is also the time that the seedlings that I have started under lights in the basement are ready for transplanting from the trays that they were started in to their first pot, usually a red solo cup.  Since the bigger pots take up a lot more room as they are potted I have been gradually moving them to the greenhouse.  There have been some cold nights so I am back to running the milkhouse heater some nights but they seem to be doing well.
I started with tomatoes, peppers and herbs.  Now that more of them are moved outside I have been starting some of the other crops.  It has been damp and cloudy.  We are a ways away from the ground being ready for even early cold hardy crops much less tomatoes and peppers so they have some time to get bigger.

I am joining BNOTP for Met Monday here.


  1. Strawberries in the spring? With syrup? Yum. You lucky girl! I can barely get them to grow in the summer and when I do, the ants beat me to it.

    1. I usually lose fruit to the birds but maybe there have been ants and I just haven't noticed them. One more thing to obsess over. Hope you are getting some spring weather. It is absolutely heavenly here today, sunny and 56.

  2. Yum! Real maple syrup made by your! The seedlings look so neat, and I hope the weather cooperates. We had a weird winter no consecutive cold nights, so my tomatoes that I planted last September are still producing. However, anything I planted so far for spring is struggling. We had early summer weather (May like) a couple of weeks ago for about ten days. I am going around pinching the flowers off my small plants like basil, lettuce, cilantro etcetera... New tomato plants struggling, because it was too hot. They don't like above 90. xoxo Su

    1. Thanks, Su. We had a warm patch in February too. Pretty weird weather. I am hoping that it didn't get the fruit trees thinking it was spring because we might not be done with winter yet. My last frost date is later in May. I will be hoping for you that your spring plants get the weather they need.