Tuesday, February 26, 2013

what's growing?

Some things in the greenhouse are getting a little bigger every day.  Here is the kale.  This is the largest of the kale seedlings.  When you stretch out those top leaves it is five inches tall.
More kale.


These are the new sprouts of the greens sampler.  In the seed order that arrived last week were greens seeds for next winter's greenhouse crops.  Several of these greens are new to us so we planted a row each of twelve new varieties.  This will give us a chance to sample them and to learn their growth habits. They were planted on the 22nd and yesterday, on the 25th, seven of them had sprouted and today another group has little seedlings started. After a couple more weeks on the heat mat they will be transplanted into bigger containers.

Here is some black seeded Simpson lettuce.  It was planted in December and has just recently started to really grow.  I think that tomorrow I will harvest part of this planter and see if and how quickly it will regrow.  Some lettuces allow multiple harvests, three or even four from the same plants. 

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