Monday, September 30, 2013

greenhouse update

I got an early morning phone call from Bob and he was checking to see if I was going to be around because he was wanting to bring the squirrel cage fan and the rest of the duct work and do the final assembly.  It was kind of fun watching the parts go together and the majority of the work is now finished.  Here is a picture of Bob up on the ladder putting together the connection where the horizontal duct work attaches to the vertical duct work. 
Here is  a shot of the vertical duct work.  The fan is in the bigger box at the bottom.  It will pull the hot air down the duct and shoot it out the opening on the right side which will connect up to the tunnel formed by the tables.  On the left side (to the north) there is a door that we can build a tunnel if we want to be able to pull in cool air from the outside.
There is a gap between the box and the vertical duct work.  We will need to build a three sided wood box to fill that gap.  That will allow the wiring to get from the fan to the outlet and the thermostat wires to get to the fan.  it will also make it easy to slide out the box to access the fan should it ever become necessary.
This is a photo of the duct work at the peak of the greenhouse.  It is open at the top to capture the hot air at the peak of the greenhouse.
This is a photo of the top of the vertical and end of the horizontal ducts where they come together.  Behind the vertical duct is the existing fan.  The duct work can be used two ways.  With the original fan running it will take the air from the ducts and move it outdoors.  This will help to cool the air in the greenhouse by removing the hottest air.  In the winter the new fan will circulate the hot air under the tables which will more efficiently heat the heat sink under the tables and bring the warmest air back down into the main growing area.

It was warm in the greenhouse.  The duct pieces had been sitting in the room and when we came to fasten the verticals there were so hot that we needed to wear gloves in order to handle them.  It is a good thing that we got done when we did because an hour later this was the temperature...

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