Monday, September 30, 2013


Tonight I cut open a watermelon that had yellow flesh.  I planted seeds that Lisa had saved from a watermelon that a co-worker had brought to work last summer.  I did not have any yellow fleshed watermelons that we had eaten and no one who purchased a watermelon from the farm stand commented on having gotten one with yellow flesh. 

I did have a lot of these small yellow fruit that were growing all over where I had planted melons, both watermelon and cantaloupe.  

My assumption was that the yellow watermelon must have been a hybrid and these melons were the result of having saved seed from a hybrid--a throwback from one of the parents in the original cross breeding that created the hybrid.    I even blogged about it here.

This weekend I picked  a couple of melons that were hidden under some gourd vines and one was a nice red watermelon, same as the others that we had eaten.  Today I cut open one of the other melons and found this yellow fleshed melon which caused me to go back to my planting map and see what else could be the small yellow fruit. 

I had planted a couple different cantaloupe varieties in that same area.  One of the cantaloupe varieties was called vine peach cantaloupe and when I Googled it, there it was.  It was described everywhere as a small bland tasting melon that was not worth eating raw as it had no flavor.  Apparently it is good in preserves or pickles but no one was sharing recipes.  One commenter stated that she had used a cantaloupe preserve recipe to make a jelly but did not state which recipe that she used.  I found a recipe that might work and since I have a bunch of those little melons I think that i will give it a try and see what happens.  Several of the people who commented recalled having gotten the seed packet as a thank you gift from a seed company with an order and I think that may have been where ours came from as well.  I don't recall buying it and I think that Mom might have gotten it with an order and passed it along to me.

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