Thursday, October 24, 2013

some pictures to share

We have harvested most of the garden.  We still have a few potatoes to dig and the kale is still doing well but everything else is pretty much done and in the house.  This year we are going to try some long term storage in an unheated room in the basement that we have always called the fruit room.  Before moving the garden produce to the fruit room I gathered some of it together to take a few pictures.  I wanted a picture to add to the new food blog.

I piled the produce on the table and Caitlin 'styled' it to look artsy and took a few pictures.  This is the one that I put on the sidebar of the food blog:

And here are the rest:
Some of the jars that I canned

a closeup of some of the ornamental gourds

acorn and butternut squash red and white potatoes, kohlrabi

pie pumpkins, gourds, kale and sweet potatoes

apples held by chef and paste tomatoes on white pedistal

And finally Manny in the piles of vegetables:

Isn't he handsome?

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