Sunday, January 12, 2014

the U of M greenhouse study is published

Last summer we had visitors to the greenhouse.  She took a few pictures and asked some questions.  She was a gal in the landscape architecture program at the University of Minnesota and she was doing her dissertation on winter greenhouses and visited our greenhouse among others for a tour as part of her research.

Now her research has been published and the report is available for viewing.  Here is the link to University of Minnesota website and go here to read the report.

It was fun being a part of this study.  Thank you Jodi for including our greenhouse in your study and thanks for sharing the results.

There were a two other area greenhouses in the study that I have visited--the Elks Bluff greenhouse and the Garden Goddess greenhouse and it was fun to see the pictures from those greenhouses as well as the others that I was not familiar with.  The Garden Goddess greenhouse was our inspiration as well as inspiring Elks Bluff.  According to the dedication most of the other greenhouses also had ties to Garden Goddess and Chuck and Carol.  Even with that connection each of the greenhouses were unique. 

This was the temperature in the greenhouse one sunny day during our recent very cold weather in Minnesota.

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  1. I'm always pea green when people mention gardens, greenhouses and crops. I live on such a tiny piece of land, there is no room (or very little room) for a proper garden. It must have been fun to be "studied" ~ especially in such a professional way. That's quite a document! :)

  2. Yes, it was exciting and fun to be a part of the study and then to read about the other greenhouses that were also part of the study. I live in the country and happen to have a fairly large yard but Chuck and Carol of the Garden Goddess Greenhouse built their greenhouse on a small lot in town. Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog.