Tuesday, February 11, 2014

a few tomato pictures for nikole

We started a few tomato seeds a while back in order to check their viability.  It was my first attempt at saving tomato seeds and I wanted to make sure that they would grow before we sent off our seed order in case we needed to order replacement seeds.  And they grew, so now we are keeping them under lights and the next experiment will be if we can get a jump on the season and see how these really early planted transplants do.  But in the meantime here are a few pictures:

These are the tallest plants Brandywines and pastes

shorter plants under a shorter light source

these are paste on the left and cherry on the right

baby basil seedlings

asparagus seedlings

We have about 35 tomato transplants started.  I thought I planted 27--nine of three kinds.  Once it warms up they will go into bigger pots and out to the greenhouse.  I think I will try planting some in permanent containers which can then be moved outside and some will be transplanted into the garden once it warms up.  Conventional wisdom is that transplants that are too large do not transplant well so it will be an opportunity to do some comparisons. 

I also decided to try growing onions and leeks from seed for the first time.  I picked up a couple packets of seeds and am starting them in a thickly planted container and will separate them once they are sprouted into individual cells.  We will see how that goes.  They are on  the heat mat but not sprouted yet.

The weather forecast is suggesting that this is our last really cold day for a while with a little warm spell coming.  I am sure it is not the last subzero weather we will have but any little break is welcome. 

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