Wednesday, February 19, 2014

a little February thaw

It has been a weird week for weather at the farm.  Monday we had snow, as much as 5 inches has been reported for our area.  Lisa reported that it was beautiful at her house in town and I am picturing a nice blanket of white making everything look fresh and clean.  Meanwhile in my yard the new snow ended up in drifts and lots of the old dirty snow is still there.  These pictures show the dirty snow with zero new clean white snow cover.

And then today we were in the upper 30s so we had a little melting.  And a little grass poking through.  Yesterday there was no grass to be seen. 

West of the driveway

East of the driveway

the orchard

between the house and grove

more orchard
We still have some deep drifts.

in front of the shed

covering the air conditioner
 The weatherman is predicting 41 for Wednesday, 32 for Thursday and then back into the teens for the highs and single digits for the lows for the next week.  I am not complaining because on Thursday across the state where my kids live a blizzard is possible with 4-6 inches of new snow and even more snow, 6-10 inches a little further east. 


  1. Oh boy, Lorri, we have tons of snow, too! It has snowed just about everyday for the last two weeks and I am really rather done with it all! Your country snow is a lot more scenic than our suburban snow, but I am sure it is a nuisance everywhere! Be safe!

  2. Thanks Kim, you stay safe as well. I keep thinking that it could be worse. We at least are used to it, I really feel for the people who are inundated with snow and ice and don't have the equipment to deal with it.