Sunday, March 9, 2014

what a great day!

Today's weather was wonderful, warm, sunny, not much for wind.  We had some melting that happened and the ten day forecast is looking great.  I spent a good part of the day in the greenhouse and I moved a bunch of the little seedlings from the house to the greenhouse.  I made many trips back and forth and each trip the snowbank that I was walking across was a getting a little softer and a little more slushy.  I took a few pictures.  Not sure that we won't have more snow and more winter but for now it feels like spring.

This is the tables down the center of the growing room.The greens make up most of it with a few potted tomatoes toward the front and the row on the right of the tables is broccoli.  I don't know if I will get broccoli heads before it gets too hot in the greenhouse.  Greenhouse broccoli is rumored to be a slow grower in the winter but the flavor is so much better than summer broccoli.  This is my first attempt at growing it in the winter.  

This is the north side of the room, I removed the planters of mizuna and did a little rearranging of the others to make a little bit more room on the tables.  

A couple pictures of the tomato experiment.  Some of the tomatoes have been transplanted into big planters which will be their final location.  More have been transplanted into 3 liter or gallon pots.  The will hopefully go in the ground.  Some of them are looking pretty tall and leggy and I am hoping that now that they are not in the house under the lights but getting lots of natural light in the greenhouse that they will start to get a little more sturdy and fill out.  

Some outside pictures.  this is the gate.  That snowflake has got to be replaced with something that says spring.  Last year a wreath hung there that I made out of an old hose.  This year I am going to hang a peony that Caitlin painted.  

This is the orchard area.  Lots of brown grass visible today that had been covered not too long ago with snow.

This is a picture of the 'cornfield'.  The snow is melting from the front of the space but there are still big drifts on the north and west sides. The black is the raised rows for planting.  It is pretty wet.  The poles divide the south half from the north half.

This shot is a little farther away.

Here you can see the snowbank on the west edge that extends into the grove and is probably five or six feet deep.  The snow is so dirty, end of winter is a not a pretty time of year. 

This is the little mini farmstand.  The farmstand that we made last year is tucked in the machine shed.  I am working on closing the ends and putting an awning on it and once that is done and the weather is a little more reliable it will be coming back out to this space.  In the meantime I built a small table to hold a cooler and a basket.  The cooler holds gallon zipper bags of mixed salad greens and the basket this week has homemade egg noodles and some artisan bread.  Over the next day or two I hope to add a few shamrock cookies for St Patrick's day and some dog treats.  


  1. Lorri, that is funny that you ended your post with your farm stand, because the entire time I was looking at your greenhouse pics, I was thinking that I would munching while I was photographing! If I lived near you, I could! ;)

  2. I am a snacker too in the greenhouse. We have a bigger farmstand that we use in the summer. Yesterday it kept blowing over since were were having strong winds. Today i moved it so it wouldn't get buried by the snowplow. Tomorrow I hope to have it back out there. I have gotten behind on my blog reading and writing. I thought your valences were very cute.