Wednesday, February 11, 2015

homemade cheese part 3-gjetost

Gjetost is a Norwegian cheese that is made from whey.  It it cooked slowly until it is reduced in volume and caramelized and almost fudge-like.  I have never heard of this cheese but it was discussed in a website comment and since I have the whey I decided to give it a try.  . I actually made this cheese and took the photos the next day after I made the ricotta.  It was an interesting process.  It took longer to reduce down and get thick than the recipe suggested it would so my simmer must have been lower.  It did eventually get thick and caramel colored.  It had a interesting flavor.
in the pan, starting to darken

transferred to a bowl

spread on a triscuit
 Source of original recipe is here


  1. I love husband laughs and says that they taste like twigs. I am not sure about that cheese though! I am not an adventurous eater!!

    1. It was okay. It may be an acquired taste. The commenter who suggested making it on the other blog suggested that the traditional way to eat it was on rye crisp crackers and then a very thin slice. It only made a bit and I haven't finished it yet. :)