Saturday, February 28, 2015

It is the weekend!

It is the weekend and the weather channel is predicting highs in the 20s and some sun for both today and tomorrow but so far it is sunny but not warm so my outdoor activities will wait and I will spend the first part of my morning with this
and this
My mom bought me a  french press and this is her 'maiden voyage' if you will.  It is the first time that I have used it.  Are you a coffee fan?  I am.  I drink hot coffee and iced coffee.  I am kind of old school in my coffee making.  I don't have a Keurig. I don't even have a Mr. Coffee.  Do they still make Mr Coffees?  Am I  the only one old enough to remember Mr. Coffee?

I used to have a Gevalia coffee maker but when that died I replaced it with a plastic thingy that sits on a cup and holds a paper filter and when you pour heated water into it it drip brews right into your cup.  Worked fine for me, making one cup at a time. 

Then I discovered coffee concentrate.  This was an internet sensation a couple of years back with lots of people posting about it and some discussion about who actually invented it.  I read about it on Pioneer Woman's blog.  I think that was before she had a show on food network.  Anyway coffee concentrate is made by soaking coffee grounds in cold water overnight and then filtering it and storing it in the fridge.  The concentrated coffee is then diluted with more water and either heated for hot coffee or my favorite, mixed with cream and sugar as iced coffee.  The advantages of cold brewing coffee is that you are supposed to get a better tasting product with less acidity.  And it worked great, it just required a little planning ahead if you didn't already have a supply sitting in your fridge.

I have been drinking way too much of the iced coffee and looking for a healthier option I have gone back to hot coffee.  I still have an iced coffee as a treat but for as long as I can hold out it is not my go-to choice.   

I remember Tyler Florence talking in one of his shows about the best coffee is made in a French press.  I searched a bit for the video but was not able to find it.  It seems to me it was a breakfast/brunch themed show.  If I find it I will add the link below.   If is fun to be able to see if he is correct.

My coffee is done.  It is tasting great.  I opted for a big cup instead of the cute ones that came with the French press set.  And a breakfast cookie.  This is one that was suggested by Nikole and is pretty tasty.  No flour, no sugar, full of healthy stuff like peanut butter and oats and craisins and raisins and apple butter.

And then while I leisurely enjoy my coffee and cookie I will be reading about crop rotation and working on my garden plan.


Pioneer Woman's Perfect Iced Coffee is here.
When looking for the video link for Tyler Florence  I found this recipe.


  1. I am not a coffee drinker, Lorri. I am so boring, I drink plain hot water and lots of it. I don't know how it happened, I used to enjoy coffee and tea. Then it was just hot water with lemon. Now, I don't even add the lemon anymore. Boring. Your coffee adventures sound so much more interesting and much more refined!

  2. Now I am going to have to try hot water with and without lemon. I like flavored ice waters but rarely make them so I think that I would like them hot as well. I think I have a lemon lounging around in the back of my fridge. Might be a perfect use for it. I wonder how ginger would be in water. I bought some for a recipe and have some left over.