Sunday, March 8, 2015

a great weather report

The forecast just keeps looking better and better.  Today it is sunny and expected to get to 47.  Monday and Friday this week are expected to high above 55 and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be in the 60s.  We have already lost a bunch of snow and the yard is soggy where the snow has melted during the day but it firms up over night.  Ponds are staring to form in all of the low spots.  I have the heated water buckets unplugged and have moved the milk house heaters out of the greenhouse. Hoping that my electric consumption will notice although I do have those lights on in the house...   Of course I haven't moved the heaters and buckets too far since this is probably not going to last but so far it has a real spring feel.  I did see on the forecast that there was a jet stream bringing abnormally warm air and of course they aren't saying how long it will last but when I look at the 10 forecast I have nothing to complain about.

If it can dry out a bit I am hoping to get some garden prep done.  The raised bed boxes in the potager and the future hoop house are the only places that are ready to plant because we moved all that new dirt off the trailer into them. With our early snow there is a lot of the garden that can use a bit of attention before planting and even if we get more snow if I can get the cornstalks and weeds away and some compost spread I will be a happy camper.

I am seed starting in the house and things are moving along nicely.  It is  still a bit early for much of what we will start but I have been working on some herbs that will be going into pots.  The leeks and onions are doing great and have had their first 'haircut'.  I started them in batches and the youngest ones have not been trimmed yet.  Today I am going to try to move some of them out to the greenhouse thinking that natural light has got to be better than the fluorescent lights in the house.  My bigger sage plants are pretty droopy and I have read that that happens due to light issues.  This is the first year that I have tried growing sage.  We are growing Mediterranean herbs this year, sage, thyme, two basils, lavender which are already started and rosemary which is backordered and will be started as soon as it arrives. 

Today I have plans to spend a bunch of time in the greenhouse.  We will be harvesting some greens for Caitlin to take back to the cities and so I will be reshuffling and transplanting and soaking up the ambiance.

Should be a great day.   


  1. Well, that's some nice weather, I wish we had the same! I realize this was a few days ago, I hope it's lasted for you. I have been in bed with a nasty cold, compliments of one of my kids, so I haven't been reading. You'll have to let me know if your temps have dipped again. We hit 48 the other day, but tomorrow we are headed back down the 30. ugh. I need a heatwave! I guess it's the kindergarten teacher in me, but when you mentioned giving the leeks and onions haircuts, I could picture the whole animated scene in my head...complete with their scrunchy faces and colored beauty parlor capes. I am sure it was just like that, right? ;)

  2. lol. Yes, just like that, just like you pictured it. Hope you are feeling better soon. We have been holding nicely on the warm weather although we have had some cold wind some of the days. We are expecting it too cool a bit, highs during the day in the 40s with overnight lows in the 20s. Right now our snow is gone and the ground is starting to dry out but more snow is always a possibility.