Thursday, March 5, 2015

full moon

just getting started

Beautiful moon.  And warmer weather coming. 


  1. Amazing photos, Lorri. It is really hard to take pictures at night and you nailed it. The snow looks very peaceful at night under the glow of the moon.

  2. Thanks Kim, if you only knew. I am a very casual photographer, I point my phone at it and that is it. Most of the time I don't even do any cropping. I would like to take better photographs. My girls do a much better job of picture taking. My older daughter has an fancy camera and she took some very nice pictures on their vacation west last summer. She has a garden blog on my side bar (gardening girl) that has some photos of her garden. My younger daughter has two blogs on my sidebar (Europa and Capstone) so some of her work is over there. They are part of my committee :). I was headed out to do my chores and check the greenhouse and I saw the moon was just over the horizon so i ran back and got my phone and grabbed some quick photos as i was going about my outside business. If they hadn't turned out there probably wouldn't have been a blog post. Mostly I get a black screen when I try to take evening pictures. Been thinking about you and your kitchen and hope that things are doing okay. Do you still have leaking water coming in?


  3. I cannot believe that you took those photos on your phone! I have a very nice cameral that my husband bought me for my birthday when I started blogging and I have tried to take evening shots to no avail. I am impressed! I didn't know that your daughters' blogs were in the sidebar...I must check them out!

    So far, the water has stopped! Hubby fixed the roof, but we still have icky spots on the ceiling. Oh well, one thing at a time, right? Thanks for asking!

    1. Glad that your roof is fixed. That should prevent structural damage. If it is only water stained they used to say that you could varnish over the spot and then paint over the varnish and the stain should be covered. I don't know if it worked or not but it might be worth a try. There is also those stain blocking primers. Not sure how well they work either on water stains. Replacing your ceiling would be a pain, and messy too. Good Luck.