Monday, November 30, 2015

winter storm warning

Winter is about to arrive if the predictions can be trusted.  Our little corner of the world is supposed to get two days of snow and anywhere from 7-10 inches.  So with the kids returned to their own homes the last of the holiday weekend was spent prepping for the white stuff.  Lots of good projects were completed.  The barn got new straw, both in the pen where the herd has access and where the dogs do.  The well was covered with straw bales and the last of the garden stuff and the picnic table were put away..  The first of my Christmas decorating--the hanging of the wreath on the barn--is done.  Mom shared a fresh green swag that is hanging near the front door and two small artificial swags, one on the chicken coop door and one by the back door.  My Christmas tree is bought but so far is standing in the garage.  We always get a real tree and the past couple of years we have gotten a tabletop tree which has worked out well with the number of dogs that are here when the family is all home. 

I have a long list of indoor projects so I shouldn't be short of things to do if the snow comes.  I might even get a bit more decorating done and the Christmas dishes out.

Thanksgiving day was my son's birthday.  We went out for supper on Friday night to celebrate and my younger daughter baked the cake and served it from one of her vintage cake plates.  This cake plate has gold trim and a pressed glass design.  The cake was chocolate, three layers, with chocolate frosting and topped with ganache and fresh raspberries.  Additional chocolate shavings topped the frosting between the layers.  The cake looked pretty and tasted great.  Fun times.  

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