Tuesday, December 1, 2015

a little decorating for Christmas

Tonight I took down my give thanks banner.  It was the entirety of my indoor decorating for fall.  I know, it's sad. 

I have not done any Christmas decorating indoors yet but I did hang a couple more things outside and take a couple of pictures before the snow got really started.
the wreath on the barn

the swag on the chicken coop

The swag by the front door

the swag by the back door

the wreath on the gate
There was a little snow on the ground and in the air when these pictures were taken but now the ground is white and snow is predicted to continue until suppertime tomorrow.  We have already gotten a few inches but they are not calling it a blizzard, just a winter storm and the temperatures are mild, in the low 30's.  I have been hearing that we are in the part of the country that the el nino will cause warmer than normal weather for December and much of the rest of the winter.  


  1. First of all, love your Give Thanks banner. Sweet...and your outdoor decor is just fabulous. What could be more charming that Christmas on a farm? :)

    1. Thanks Kim. I will have to take more pictures as it is even more Christmasy now with the ground white. The forecast shows ten days in a row with the highs above freezing so I am not sure if it will last but right now it is white.