Tuesday, December 29, 2015

a new addition to my coffee spot

Although my Christmas with my kids is a couple weeks away we did do gifts with my parents and siblings on Christmas eve.  Part of my gift from my sister is this great piece that she made which I have hung over my coffee stuff.  It is a piece of weathered siding, painted with chalk paint and to which she added some cute glass knobs.  It is perfect for the spot and it holds my caffe banner.  I love that the new paint still has that chippy look.  

The knobs are reminiscent of the antique (original) doorknobs on all of the interior doors of my farmhouse.

It is a fun piece and I am thrilled to have it.  Thanks Lisa!

Over the years my mom has bought all of the family members a frame that holds a calendar and each year she selects a calendar that fits the personality of the recipient as part of their Christmas gift.  Last year, and most years, my calendar had red barns and black and white cows.

 This year my calendar has French chefs and a cooking theme.  The January page has a cute espresso design that will look adorable hung above my new board or maybe leaning against the wall on the black box below the new board.  .
  Thanks Mom!


  1. Lorri, your sister is quite creative and your mom gave such a thoughtful gift. She must have fun choosing a new calendar each year. I know I would! ;) Glass doorknobs throughout the house, huh? Lucky girl. I'm a teeny bit green! ;)

    1. Thanks Kim. My mom does have fun with the calendars. Some get the same every year. She and my sister get a snowmen calendar. Nikole and Patty usually get one that is wine themed, Caitlin's is usually Italy, Steph gets one with kitties, Ashley gets one that is farm themed. New last year is Jack and he is getting one with loons and new this year is Tyler who got one with horses. They all come from Lang's except Nathan's. They have asked to get a manatee calendar from a place where the money goes to save the manatees. Mine is often cows and or barns. I have collected them for a long time but not so much recently. Mom is not an online shopper so I have been helping her with that part and it is a lot of fun. She has two grandchildren yet that are will be added to the group when they get a bit older and more settled.

      Yes, my sister is very creative. Much more than me. This year she gave a lot of handcrafted gifts. It was fun to see them all come together.

      The glass doorknobs are a fun feature of the house, I also have the original drafty windows... It is a bit more shabby than chic. :)

  2. I love the glass knobs... so pretty! The calendar is quite nostalgic. Growing up my mom had something like that when I was little. I didn't realize how it worked until you explained it. xoox Su

    1. Thanks Su! I like the glass knobs too. I don't know that i had ever seen them before we moved here.