Wednesday, December 16, 2015

back in the saddle (figuratively) and a few winter weather pictures

First the winter pictures.  We are in a winter storm advisory since yesterday and we had been missing the snowfall for the most part.  Now that has changed.  We have gotten maybe two inches of big flakes so far and it doesn't look to be quitting yet.  I think we are now predicted to get 3-6 inches when it is done.  I was outside sweeping off the glazing on the greenhouse and when I came back toward the house Elke was sitting prettily under a tree, begging for a picture to be taken.  Surprisingly when I returned with the camera she was still there.
And even more surprising Codie, who leaves whenever the camera or phone is out, let me take her picture too.
She won't look at the camera and she is covered in snow.  She loves this weather.  They all do.  Sadie is in the barn and missed out on the photo opportunity :)
As far as the 'back in the saddle' part of this post's title two weeks ago my shoulder which has been causing problems for a long time suddenly started causing bigger problems.  Showering and dressing were hard, chores were hard, typing was hard, I had been working on some craft projects and those got put on hold, no decorating for Christmas happened, some food projects were delayed all because I couldn't lift my arm without major pain.  When it wasn't better the second day I began wondering about dislocation or subluxation or even a shoulder separation.  When it started feeling a tiny bit better on day 3 I put off seeing the doc hoping it would get better with rest, ice and antiinflammatories.  That worked for a couple more days, I spent lots of time icing and really got very little else done.  I wasn't sleeping well.  Then on Thursday of last week I woke up and it was very bad again.  I made an appointment for Friday afternoon.  I had three x-rays and the bones looked to be fine.  Bursitis was the diagnosis and I was given a steroid injection (cortisone shot) and stronger pain pills. The pain pills got me through our Scandinavian baking day and by Sunday I was really starting to notice some improvement.  On Monday I was working to finish the craft projects that had been spread on my table for over a week, I added another chapter to my cookbook and watered the greenhouse.  Tuesday I transplanted several tubs of plants, did a bit more work on the craft project and added a couple of recipes to the cookbook.  Today, I feel even better.  I have not taken a pain pill today, my range of motion is improved, not perfect but nearly back to where it was this summer and tomorrow I am anticipating having the upper body strength to climb the ladder to the hayloft and roll some bales over to the opening to bed down the herd.  I usually add new straw about once a week and last time I did it I threw down some extra knowing it would be a crazy busy time of the year so they have not been neglected but it is a good time to give it a shot and see how it goes.  Climbing the ladder will be the hardest part and if it doesn't go well I will get some help.  I am avoiding shoveling snow hoping for melting and I am able to get around in the yard so that is okay. 

Today I am working on the pumpkin project and it is a good thing because I found out today I am assigned pumpkin pies for Christmas.  I am not the pie baker.  I am the cookie baker and candy maker.  But it is nice to have a challenge.  My sister is bringing her signature French silk pie which she excels at.  My brother is bringing his signature New York cheesecake which he excels at.  The competition might be significant.  I might have to work that bad shoulder thing for a little sympathy.  :)  I think the pumpkin project is the reason for my pie assignment.  My sister, bless her heart, was at the grocery store in the small town where she lives and noticed that after Thanksgiving they were giving away their remaining pie pumpkins and she asked if I wanted them and I said yes.  My pie pumpkins were nonexistent this year in my garden.  The pumpkins arrived about the same time as my sore shoulder and I have had this box of pumpkins sitting in my kitchen ever since.  Today they got cleaned and steamed and made into puree and the seeds were washed and spread to dry in order to plant next spring.  It is a good project to have done. 


  1. I am so glad that you are feeling better. Nothing is right when you don't feel well. I am truly amazed at what you accomplish, with or without a bum shoulder. I thought I was a busy girl, but suddenly, I feel very lazy! ;) Your family sounds like a group of very talented bakers. Wow, we just whip up a few kinds of cookies and call it a day!!