Monday, August 22, 2016

Garden update and a little produce before and after

This has been a challenging year for the summer garden.  But all is not lost.  I am currently seeding for some fall crops and starting to get seeds planted for the winter greenhouse.  My garden went in late as I was waiting for the deer fence before I planted anything.  The fence had its own challenges but it was successful in keeping out the deer.  Not so successful in keeping out what I am assuming is rabbits that took out whole rows of transplants.  I am getting some peppers and some tomatoes and basil.  The vine crops are hanging in there so I am hopeful for fall squashes and pumpkins.

We  had kind of a monsoon week, rain several days in a row with the worst being nearly six inches that fell in one day.  During that wet period my basil went to seed.  I picked a bunch and am hoping that the plants will continue to produce.  My pickings:

dishtowel full of basil
I used some of the basil for a freezer pesto and the rest was frozen in ice cube trays in olive oil.

three jars of pesto for the freezer
I also picked some peppers and made a couple of batches of pepper jelly.  My brother is a fan so much of my jelly will go to him.  My kids like pepper jelly too but made their own last year. 

pepper jelly before
 I usually put it up in 4 ounce jelly jars.  Today's two batches resulted in 24 jars.

pepper jelly after
Next update should be a fruit update.  And maybe some recipes.  Thanks for visiting.

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  1. We had a terrible growing season around here. Late start to the season, then no rain, then too much...I got one green tomato and some droopy basil. Of course, I do not have a farm or a green thumb, so I can't promise you I'd do a whole lot better even in ideal conditions!! ;)

    1. Thanks Kim, that makes my day better to know I am not the only one. Your season sounds like mine. I started tomato plants from seed and my folks and my sister planted those same plants but theirs got in the ground at the right time and are looking great and producing well. Mine are now getting some tomatoes and hopefully they will ripen. I am thinking that I will not get enough to bother with the farmstand but just can whatever does come. Have a great weekend.