Thursday, June 8, 2017

garden update

Things in the garden are coming along.  I am still planting.  But a lot has been accomplished.  The potager is planted.  The main part of the garden is planted.  The hitching post flower garden is coming along.  There are challenges.  It has been very hot and dry so watering takes up a part of the day.  The potager and the big garden are on sprinklers but the pots of herbs and the hitching post and the things left to plant are all watered by hand.  I had great help from my kids getting ready to plant.  We replaced the ineffective posts on the deer fence and got that back up.  We added poultry netting at the bottom to deter the rabbits.  And we added landscape fabric to the planting rows in a part of the garden to hopefully kill the weeds which are a very big problem.  The plan is to move across the garden weeding and placing landscape fabric and planting summer and fall crops. 
hot peppers in the potager

cabbage and edamame

onions cabbage and kohlrabi

transplants at the big garden.
I am ready for mother nature to do her share of the watering.  I had to look back to the calendar on to find the last rain which was May 20.  We have quite a few days in the high 80s and low 90s and it appears that a heat wave may be due.  My lawn is getting crispy in the sunny parts and I need to start watering the fruit trees.  Sigh...

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