Saturday, June 10, 2017

what a Friday. And Saturday

We have been experiencing some really hot, dry weather.  On Friday, my brother Jack and his friend Todd, came over to replace the skylights on my machine shed that had been damaged awhile back by hail.  The process involved removing the damaged fiberglass panels and replacing them with new panels.  The old ones were nailed in place and the top edge was tucked under the ridge cap which would need to be loosened to make the change and then the new panels would be screwed into place.  There were five to do, high up on a tin roof.  Todd brought a rolling scaffolding which was very helpful.  By the time the panels were cut to size the west skylights were in the shade so they started at that end.  Not knowing exactly what they would find it actually went much better than anticipated.  The original idea was to get a couple done in the evening and finish up the rest on Saturday morning and instead they got them all done.  It was very hot, 90 degrees, so it was a blessing that it went as well as it did. 
Jack and Todd removing the first skylight

putting in the new panel

on the scaffolding
My mom had sent out barbecues, chips and baked beans and I had made a potato salad so after finishing the last skylight we were eating supper together.  Dad had been here for the whole process and Cait and Robb joined us as we finished up and the six of us were sitting at a table near the shed and we heard one cracking noise and then another.  As we watched a very large branch broke off of the maple tree next to my driveway.  It fell, just missing my car and luckily the rest of the vehicles were parked near the shed.  I refer to the part of the tree that fell as a branch but it really is the size of a good sized tree.  The maple that it broke off of has four or five branches that form a huge canopy.   

Saturday morning, still hot, muggy but today with stiff winds, Jack and Dad arrived to cut up the branch.  We cut off all of the small branches with leaves and they were piled to burn after they dry out.  We cut up and piled the larger branch pieces.  They will be cut to length and split and stacked when it is cooler.  Jack was running the chain saw, Dad was dragging the larger branch pieces behind the truck and I was dragging the brush to the pile. 
The brush

the branch with the brush mostly removed

Dad dragging a big log backwards with the pickup

The wood piled for cutting and splitting.
I feel so fortunate that no one was hurt and no real damage was done.  I am so blessed to have great family and friends.  


  1. Oh my goodness! You guys are so lucky that you were not sitting or walking under that branch. Eventful weekend for sure! Glad everyone is ok and your project went well. It's so great that your family is close by and close. Makes all the difference in a day, doesn't it?

    1. Funny thing is that since then we have had two nasty storms and more branches down. Not as big as that one but a couple that needed a chain saw and I still have a lot of raking before I can mow. I will have to do another post. And yes a close and close by family is a blessing.

  2. That was nice of your brother and his friend to fix up the roof of your machine shed. Wow you are so lucky no one was near that tree and that it didn't hit your car! Isn' it amazing how heavy fresh wood is! We had a big maple that the original owners left in the driveway area by the garage when the home was built. One day I came home and found a large branch down and I couldn't get in the garage. It had been dropping a lot of debris for a while so we had it taken down. Turns out it was rotting out from the inside so eventually it would have died. My husband was outside after one of the recent storms and a skinny but tall oak tree fell in the woods landing partially in our yard.

    1. The funny thing is, Liz, is that the very next day on Sunday we had a storm blow thru and both that maple and the other one across the yard had branches that came down so again we were picking up branches. I took a couple of pictures but didn't get another post written. These are the trees that I have been collecting sap from for maple syrup. I hate to cut them down but like yours they may be rotting from the inside out. I have learned not to park near them. We had a tree guy tell us that maples tend to drop a lot of debris but it doesn't mean they need to come down but you hate to take a risk. This one is within distance of my house.