Wednesday, May 21, 2014

a great day for planting

Today has been a great day for planting.  The morning was cool and cloudy, the garden soil is friable and not too wet.  Last evening I planted the four sand cherry bushes that had arrived on the weekend.  They are planted as a short hedge just north of the berry box.   Today I added two elderberry bushes north of the sand cherries and a gooseberry plant.  After that I planted the two hazelnut bushes/trees.  One of them went on each side of the white fence, the south one is west of the evergreens and the north one is east of the evergreens.  I am still undecided about where to put the two chestnut trees because they will grow into large shade trees and I am hoping to leave as many sunny areas for garden spots as I can.  I think that I will pot them up and hopefully that will work well until I can come up with a spot. 

In the cornfield garden I have been working up some of the planting rows and some weeding.  I have gotten the first six planting rows turned and the walking rows between them weeded and a row of  Big Beef tomatoes and a row of leeks planted.  The ground is dry and I had not yet  had the sprinkler going.  It was winterized last fall and I wasn't sure what to expect this spring when we fired it up again.  I was pleased to see that we have strong water pressure so I am thinking there are no major leaks. 

Plans for tomorrow: plant two rows of tomatoes, one row of Brussels sprouts  and hopefully two rows of asparagus in the cornfield garden, finish weeding the third year asparagus patch, the raspberries and the rhubarb.  Start making tomato stakes.  Mow.

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  1. Your list sounds ambitious~ but yummy! I can barely empty the dishwasher and do a load of laundry with all of the end of the school year functions and carpooling! :)