Monday, May 26, 2014

a few spring photos

Yesterday I grabbed my phone to take this picture of Sadie.

Sadie has a knack for always finding any new spot of ground that has been dug or new pile of weeds that has not been picked up yet as her spot for her nap.  This is the newly planted hedge of four sand cherry bushes.  They were dormant bare root plants that are really nothing more than a twig right now and she is perfectly centered between the second and third plants, missing both.
Here she is looking at me as if to say, 'why are you disturbing my nap to take a picture?'

And since I was taking pictures here are a few more:
fern peony


flowering cherry from Nikole

closeup of the flowering cherry, loaded with blooms

west apple tree

east apple tree


  1. Hi Lorri. Fun to see all these reminders that Spring is finally here! , especially Sadie in the dirt! Love that one. Found you over at Kim's EXQUISITELY UNREMARKABLE.

  2. Hi Cheryl, thanks for stopping by. I enjoy Kim's blog too, and am checking out yours.