Sunday, June 1, 2014

a new product for the farmstnad

Our family has made and used fire starters for quite a few years.  We make ours in little paper drink cups.  If you place a fire starter cup under your wood and light the edge of the cup you will quickly have a nice fire going.  We have always made our fire starters with candle wax and wood chips or sawdust.  My dad uses them to start the fire in his wood burning stove in his workshop and my brother, Jack, uses them to start a fire in his fireplace.  We also use them to start fires when camping and for fires in the fire pit.

Jack needed to have a tree in his yard cut down and has been collecting sawdust and wood chips.  He recently took over the fire starter production duties.  We are utilizing some old  candle wax shared with us by our sister-in-law, Patty, who had a candle making hobby.  Jack has made quite a few fire starters, many more than he will need, so we decided to try offering a few for sale in the farmstand.  Jack says that our fire starters work better than the ones that he has purchased in stores for the same purpose. 

I will package them up in a smaller quantity for camping or fire pits and a larger quantity for people who use them regularly and see if there is any interest.

smaller (left) and larger (right) packages.

 They are going to go in this cute basket once the weather settles and down to the end of the driveway.  Thanks, Jack for sharing your fire starters.

These large baskets are a new addition to the farmstand.  They were discovered and purchased by Nikole who bought the last four that were in stock.  I am excited to think of seeing them filled with gourds and Indian corn and popcorn and sweet corn and mini pumpkins and acorn squash and summer squash or loaves of bread or bags of homemade egg noodles or biscotti or dog treats.  the possibilities are endless.  Thanks Nikole for finding these baskets.

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