Friday, June 20, 2014

the wheelbarrow is planted

We keep getting rain, 5 1/2 inches this week.  It could be worse so I am counting my blessings.  A half hour away they had over 5 inches in one storm where we got 1 1/2. 

There is not much getting planted so I had an opportunity to spend a little time on the wheelbarrow.   Here is the before picture.  It is an old wheelbarrow that was left at Nikole and Brad's house and they were not planning to use it.  It is not very functional as it is low to the ground and has a hard rubber tire so it is difficult to wheel and stuff falls out the front if you stand up straight.

I debated about painting it but like the chippy look.  I did paint the part that will hold the soil with some black rustoleum paint hoping to forestall any additional rusting.

Here it is with a few plants.  I am hoping that they will get bigger and it will have a full, lush look with plants draping over the edges.  It does not have a final location yet.  I am planning to put it in the garden with a section of picket fence behind it and maybe a scarecrow but that part of the garden is not ready yet, needing badly to be weeded and then planted.

Next I am thinking about planting my old weber grill.