Monday, June 16, 2014


There is a garden blog that I read regularly.   A link to it is located on the right side of my page under 'Inspiration'.  Today in my email inbox is their June Garden Update where they write about, among other things, their succession planting.  I am still planting first crops as nearly a quarter of my garden is yet to be planted.  And Saturday evening we had 2 inches of rain.  And Saturday overnight we had another inch.  Sigh... 

It will be days before I get more stuff planted.  And there is more rain predicted every day this week.   Sigh... 

This is a new lake in the field across the road from my farmstand

every low spot in the yard has standing water

water standing in the road ditch

At least the lawn was mowed. 

I think that I am going to call everything that goes in after today a succession crop. 

There are some good things. 

I was able to spend the afternoon with my parents and siblings celebrating Father's Day without feeling guilty about not being in the garden. 

I discovered that my sump pumps in the basement and well hole are working just fine.  Last fall Nathan did some work on them and this was the first opportunity to see if his upgrades were successful, and they were. 

My newly planted fruit and nut bushes and trees got a good drink.  They are spread out all over the yard so dragging a bucket or hose around is a task that I shouldn't have to do for a few days. 

There are some areas of the yard that I have been neglecting that might get some attention while we wait for the garden to dry out. 

This wheelbarrow might actually get planted...

This wheelbarrow was gifted to me by Nikole and Brad.  This treasure was left behind at their house and they weren't needing it...  Actually it is not very functional and I think that they were glad to be rid of it.  It is short.  If you want to use it a person, even a short person like me, would need to walk really hunched over because standing erect everything falls out the front.  It lists a little to the left.  The paint is chippy--or is that rust? 

I think it will be perfect filled with flowers and I asked my mom that if she saw any good deals on her trips to the garden center would she bring back something for the wheelbarrow.  And she did.  I have a new box of flowers just waiting to be planted.  I can picture it setting on the far edge of the garden along with that chunk of picket fence from my sister and maybe a scarecrow. 

Some other things to be thankful for is that I may have a quarter of the garden left to plant but that means that three quarters is planted.  And lots of that is up and growing.  I can row the corn, the potatoes and edamame are up, and the peas are growing up the trellises.  The zucchini and summer squash and other vine crops are getting blossoms.  The sweet potato slips that we grew from scratch seem to be doing well.  I am getting lots of grass clippings collected and spread between the rows which should help keep the weeds at bay.  Each week more of the garden construction, those things that have to be done only once like building raised rows and setting posts, get done. 


  1. Rain, rain go away...but it did give you time to accomplish some other fun stuff! Sometimes I like rain, like you said, it takes away the guilt when you need or want to stay inside! Can't wait to see the flowers in the wheelbarrow...I love that look!

    1. Thanks, my sister has suggested that i paint the wheelbarrow to protect it and I think that is a good idea so I will paint the inside of the basin leaving a bit at the top unpainted and then covering the newly painted part with the soil. So it should look the same. Lisa uses bright color in her garden spaces and thinks that the wood handles would be fun in a bright color. I might have to give that some thought. I will have to get some photos of her yard. She has a more adventurous style than me. When I did the grad party post i did not have any pictures of her yard. It was early enough that her perennials were not doing much yet but now she is getting lots of growth.