Friday, June 13, 2014

baby fruit to show off

The past several years I have been adding fruit to our yard, expanding our "orchard" each year.  Last year for the first time we had apples on our two apple trees. This year one of the trees is again getting fruit.  I the second tree is not yet and I cannot remember last year if they started at the same time or not. 
several apples on the west tree
Two years ago we planted two different plum trees and this year there is fruit forming.  When I looked last evening there were several small fruits starting on the smaller (west) tree but none on the larger (east) tree.  Today when I looked there was one tiny fruit on the east tree as well.  I am hoping that there will be more and that they are just getting started. 

plums on the west tree starting to form
The last couple of years we have gotten a good crop of small purple grapes.  We have used them for jelly.  They have seeds and tiny so not easy to eat.  Perhaps with better management they would produce a bigger fruit. 

tiny grape clusters just starting to form

I took a picture of one of the pear trees.  They are not getting fruit yet but I thought the foliage was pretty with its two colors.  I don't know if that is normal or not but both trees have a variety of leaf color.  They are two year old trees so I am not sure if I should be expecting fruit anytime soon.

pear with green and pink leaves
Just a little update on the garden but no pictures.  I am still planting, with approximately 2/3 of it planted.  The weeds are loving our warm and moist spring and growing like crazy.  Lots of the garden is transplants of things that were started from seed in the greenhouse.  Those that were planted out earliest are looking the best.  The plants that waited longer in cups are paler, more yellow than green.  I am hoping that once they get into the soil they will green up.  I have 2/3 of the sweetcorn planted and some is up now.  The edamame is up, the vine crops are starting to flower (even those still in the cups), the peas are climbing the trellises. 

I had hoped to have the entire garden planted by now but I am pleased to be making progress every day.  Much of what I am doing is still construction of the garden and those are things that I shouldn't have to repeat every year.  I am hoping that once the construction phase of the garden is done that it will be easy to plant in a few hours or a couple of days.  There have been some successes, so I think that I am on the right track.  The soil in the raised rows that were constructed last year is very friable, it dries out quickly after a rain.  The weeds pull easily and when it is not muddy the stirrup hoe works great. 


  1. We have nothing edible in our garden and I would love to change that! Wait, we do have one tomato plant, in a pot! Poor lonely guy....I think he needs a friend or two! ;)

    1. Oh, for funny. My mother-in-law has one tomato plant too. She was getting some grief from her son about having her garden in (she only does flowers) so she planted one tomato.

  2. I love those baby apples! So cute

  3. I love those baby apples! So cute