Tuesday, May 20, 2014

crossing a couple of things off the to do list

Between a crazy busy schedule and uncooperative Mother Nature the stuff on the to do list has been stubbornly stuck there for most of what was supposed to be spring.  I think that we are past the frost warnings and we are supposed to have a couple of warm, sunny days coming up so maybe the garden will get in.  The 4/10ths of rain that we had day before yesterday has left the ground pretty moist but I am hoping that tomorrow it will be dry enough to plant.

The lawn has been loving the cool, wet weather and I have finally gotten the entire lawn mowed.  It was long enough to almost bale it.  The last of it required raising the deck and taking a half swath in order to make it through.  One good thing is that all of that long grass on the lawn was picked up and used to mulch the walking rows in the garden.  I was able to mulch 4 1/2 rows with a nice thick layer of the cut grass clippings.

The other thing to cross off the list was the farmstand awning.  Nathan and Michelle were at the farm this weekend and Nathan put in some time helping to stabilize the awning's front edge.  A couple more screws and a little paint and it was ready to move down to the end of the driveway.  I put a few tomato seedlings down there for sale and tomorrow hope to add some leeks and lettuces and Brussels sprouts seedlings.

And then since I was taking pictures I took these pictures of the orchard:




ornamental ready to bloom

  The apples are getting leaves but no flowers yet.  The grapes are still dormant.  The blueberries that I transplanted are starting to show early signs of life.

And a teaser

Blog posts have been pretty infrequent lately but I have lots of material to post about.  Soon.  I recently served several appetizers to a group that I belong to when it was my turn to serve lunch. I helped my sister with her daughter's graduation party and she has promised her recipes which were all very good and easy to prepare.  And this weekend, my daughter Nikole will be celebrating a milestone birthday and there will be food.  And recipes.  And pictures.  Plus I vow to get caught up on the cookbook reviews and recipes.

quick and easy appetizer--three ingredients and no cooking


  1. The farm stand is so charming! I wish I lived closer, I would totally stop by! :)

    1. Thanks, it is an old wooden trailer that we put a roof on and painted. My daughter Caitlin who is pretty artistic helped. She did all of the original lettering on the red. It is fun. Last year we set it up in the summer when we were starting to harvest the garden. This year we will try to sell any extra seedlings that don't go into our garden. If there seems to be an interest next year i think it would be fun to plant extra strictly for the farmstand in the spring.

  2. Hi Lorri. New follower here. I'm visiting your blog on Kim's recommendation. Having come from a long line of farmers, I can see by your farm photos that you must be a very busy woman. Farms need lots of tending. :) Love your blue truck and the farmstand. Very charming. ~ Nancy

  3. HI, Nancy. Thanks for your nice comment and for following. The blue truck is actually a toy. My brother refurbishes old Tonka toys and did the blue truck as a gift to me. I really treasure it, as I can only imagine what work went into it. My daughter took pictures of it outside on the driveway, lying on the ground trying to get it to look real and 'fool the eye'. A couple of weeks ago when we visited his house he 'borrowed' me another truck that is in a similar condition to what mine was when he started it. I should do a post about it, kind of a before and after.