Sunday, January 11, 2015

feeling blessed...

I live on a farm, a hobby farm now, but for generations it was a working farm.  A farm has a lot of moving parts.  Quite a few of those moving parts involve water, either coming or going.  the cold weather adds an additional challenge.  I have a herd that gets watered twice a day.  I have plants in the greenhouse that need water every day.  I have three sump pumps and they have all been running.  In Minnesota.  In the winter.  I don't remember that happening before.  I have a sump pump in my house, my well house and my septic system.  Problems with any of them could be inconvenient and expensive.  Out in the country we are not hooked up to municipal water or sewer.  I have a well and a septic system.  It is an old well and an old septic system.  It seems like lately all of those 'moving parts' have been taking turns causing excitement. 

Does that seem like a strange reason to feel blessed?  Here is why I am feeling blessed.  Nothing has broken.  I have been able to get everything back working without having to call my dad for help or get a plumber.  Each time there was a kind of a fluky something that allowed me to discover a problem before any real damage was done.  It is almost like I have a guardian angel.  The first time that it happened and the second time that it happened I kind of wrote it off as good luck but the third time, now I am not so sure.  

I have a brother in heaven.  It was just the anniversary of his death.  He died three years ago on the day after Christmas.  I think I have written before about the dragonflies that started visiting my sister that next spring.  She believes that they are a part of Jay or somehow related to Jay.  And I believe that too.  This fall when she was at the farm helping to paint my house there was a dragonfly that sat near her for a couple of hours while she worked.

I don't know, it might be just dumb luck but I hope not.  There is something very comforting thinking that it might not be luck.

Lisa's dragonfly: