Thursday, January 1, 2015

pb dog cookies

I have added another recipe to the pet treat bakery portion of my other blog, The Bakery at Mom's Hobby Farm (link on the right sidebar).  Sadly there are only three recipes there.  My New Year's resolution should be to fill up that section.  A better pet parent would have that section overflowing but then it is always nice to have a goal to work on. 

peanut butter dog cookies
The link to the recipe is here.


  1. I don't have a dog Lorri, but I just clicked over to see the recipe and I think I could eat them myself! ;)

    1. Oh for funny. They smell like peanut butter cookies for people when they are baking. Bought a wreath form (wire one) today for my snowflake wreath for my mom. It is going to be square.

    2. Cool...I never would've thought of that! I hope you post about it, so I can see how it turned out! ;)