Friday, January 9, 2015

gray day, gray sky, gray snow

Yesterday we are in the middle of a blizzard.  We had a little bit of snow and a lot of wind and the yard is covered in a thin layer of gray.  It was everywhere, this dirty gray snow.
footprints in the dirty gray snow

(mostly) white Elke sitting in the gray snow

camera shy Codie

west of the wood barn
a thin layer on the greenhouse glazing

And greenhouse wall

It did make for pretty gray sky

and clouds.
The farmers who farm the fields around us are missing some topsoil.  I had planned to leave the snow on the greenhouse glazing as a little extra insulation overnight but when I opened the door it all slid down making a little gray drift at the bottom.


  1. We have snow today, it was supposed to be a dusting. It turned into a lot more. It's white now, but the gray is coming. Snow doesn't stay white too long in suburbia! ;)

    1. I hear you. The rest of my family lives in town and the snow near the roads where the plows have been gets pretty grubby looking.