Saturday, March 2, 2013

i collect...

rolling pins.  
I collect rolling pins.

These are my antique rolling pins.  I keep them corralled in a crock in my kitchen.  Along side of the crock is the rolling pin that i most often use--a French pin. 

 Missing from this picture is my lefse pin.   It is actually with the rest of the lefse making equipment at my Mom's.  I usually use the lefse pin for rolling sugar cookies.  My sister, Lisa, does the rolling of the lefse for my generation as she can get them nice and round and thin and I cannot. 
I am pleased to say that my daughter Nikole has taken up the mantle of lefse making for the next generation.  She does a nice job and I am very proud of her.

This is a rolling pin carved from Italian olive wood.
It was brought from Italy by my daughter, Caitlin, who spent a semester in Orvieto. There was a wonderful group of shops selling the wares of local artists. 

Here are a couple pictures of the shop where this treasure came from.

A few years ago I found these cute rolling pin ornaments

and ever since at Christmastime they have graced a tree in my kitchen

This year i found some that were slightly bigger 

so i added garland on the chrome rack surrounding my stove in order to display these as well.

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