Sunday, March 31, 2013

in like a lion, out like a lion

After a couple warm days with melting snow and feeling like spring is right around the corner we are back to heating the greenhouse at least for the overnight tonight and probably tomorrow night.  The temperatures are dropping and the wind is howling.  By dawn tomorrow morning they are predicting 0 degree windchills.   

Today was Easter and greenhouse greens made it to Mom and Dad's for the family celebration.  Before leaving for town I harvested some of four or five different crops for a pretty bowl with different textures and colors.  I also delivered Asha's salad bar to town so that Lisa can take it home with her for Asha.  It will be fun to hear if she likes it.  I also sent a pot of kale for Lisa who says she is eating kale everyday.   On Wednesday Nikole's salad bowls will be heading to the big city and Cait has had a salad from her planter of greens that went with to college.  She reports that her greens got their first spring rain. 

I have been spending some time with the seedlings for the spring garden.  The impatiens that had the oops were rearranged so that there were only one seedling in a cell.  The are still pretty tiny and I tried to weigh the effects of moving them when they are tiny and fragile or to let them get bigger with their roots even more intertwined.  They seem to be doing okay, so hopefully I made the right decision.  They are pretty cute--tiny plants maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch tall with two perfectly round leaves. 

The marigolds are about an inch tall with four leaves.  I have been pretty disappointed with the germination but I am thinking that a few more might be coming so perhaps it will be better.  The ones that have come so far are looking pretty good. 

Still nothing with the bee balm.  I have moved it off the propagation mat wondering if it was too warm.  I hate to give up on it too quickly so I guess I will give it a little more time. 

The first tomato seeds that were planted were transplanted to bigger containers today.  These are the tomatoes that are to be in containers to provide the early tomatoes.  The largest seedlings are about two inches tall and are starting to get a little fuzz on the stems.  There are several different varieties.  It will be fun to see how they do.

No new pictures this time.  Here are a couple pictures that were shared on Facebook a couple days ago of Nikole's salad bowl.

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