Saturday, March 9, 2013

rainy day in the greenhouse

Today was predicted to rain and then snow and I spent the rainy part of it in the greenhouse.  I picked some greens for a salad and planted some seeds for the summer garden.
These are the greens I picked for a salad: simpson lettuce, kale, red romaine and green romaine.  I ended up dressing it with a little homemade balsamic vinaigrette and some chicken salad.  It was pretty tasty.

Here is some of the red romaine.
The Simpson lettuce.
These are the tomato seedlings that were planted on February 24th.

These are Nikole's clay pots.  The are planted with kale in the center. The red colored plant is red romaine and then clockwise from the red romaine is Simpson lettuce, green romaine, spinach, butter head and green grand rapids.
This is the greens sampler that was planted  February 22 so we could try the greens that we will be growing next winter.  Some are starting to get their first sets of true leaves.

Pictured here are the flowers that are seeded sitting on the warming mat.  They are impatiens, bee balm and marigolds.

Images from Johnny's seed catalog:

                 Accent Mystic Mix (F1)              Panorama Red Shades               Queen Sophia
                Impatiens accent mystic mix          Bee balm Panorama red shades            Marigold Queen Sophia                                                                 

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