Monday, March 4, 2013

kale update and a new project

The kale plants continue to grow.  Here is another picture of the kale plants.  These are the biggest ones but the others are all growing as well and are not too far behind.  I am thinking that they will be big enough for a some type of a kale dish for Easter.

I also have another project that I have started.  Not all of the plants that we plan to grow in the winter can grow in a gutter planter.  Some just need more room for their roots to spread out.   I have been on the lookout for something suitable and found a possibility at Wal-Mart the other day.   Mom and I purchased a couple to give then a try before investing in a bunch of them.  They had lots of the qualities I was looking for: sturdy, nice depth, molded handles so they would easy to move and for a nice price.  

This is one of the containers.  It is actually meant to be a tray that fits inside of a bigger container but it is sold separately.  I like it because two will fit perfectly on our pallet tables.  I planted an assortment of baby greens in it and am calling it a salad bar for Asha.  My niece Kaylee has a small tortoise named Asha and she feeds it greens. Asha is only a few inches long right now and I am thinking that she can just set Asha in the container and let her graze from the different plants.  

Here is a picture that Kaylee took of Asha and I swiped from facebook.

Isn't (s)he cute?

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