Thursday, April 4, 2013

greens sampler update

What has happened so far:

February 22, 2013
The seed order from Johnny's arrives including some greens seeds that are intended for the winter greenhouse.  Included in this bunch of seeds are several varieties that are new to us.  Six seeds each  of twelve different varieties are planted in a 72 cell seed starting tray and put on the propagation mat.

February 25-27
All of the seedlings are sprouting.

March 14
Transplanted the groups of seedlings that were the largest into clear tubs.  This was the Bilko, a Chinese cabbage and Tokyo Bekena, an Asian green.

March 16
Transplanted the next largest seedlings into tubs.  This was the Tatsoi and the collards.

March 23-24 
The remaining seedlings are transplanted into tubs.  

April 4

Three weeks after transplanting this is the Bilko and the Tokyo Bekena.

Tokyo Bekena

At 19 days after transplanting this is the Tatsoi and the collards.
At 12 days after transplanting the Mizuna, Vitamin Green and the pak choi.

Vitamin Green

pak choi

The above are the greens that have been the quickest so far.  I think that provided they taste good I will plan to start them a dozen at a time in each of the seasons of the winter greenhouse to see how they do with the shorter day lengths.

Below are the remainder of the greens.  They are much further behind even though they were planted the same day and germinated at about the same time.  They were transplanted later and an experiment for next time might be to see if there is a difference had they been transplanted sooner.  Instead of transplanting all six i now kind of wish that I would have transplanted them over a period of time and then compared how they fared to see if getting them into bigger pots and new dirt sooner makes a difference.

sorrel on the left and Golden Frill on the right.
arugula on the left, claytonia in the center and allstar mix on the right.

These are planted a little closer together and may need to be separated if they get to be too big.

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