Friday, April 26, 2013

mason bee house

One of the projects that I wanted to get done early this spring is to make a mason bee house for the orchard area.  Mason bees are great pollinators and I am hoping that if they can be encouraged to hang out in my yard that we will have better chances at fruit.  Last year we planted two pear trees and two plum trees.  They are planted near the two apples that were planted the year before.  In the same general area are the transplanted black raspberry canes, the blueberries and the potager.

Yesterday I built the box for the mason bee house.  Last evening I painted it blue and today when I was in town I cut the lengths of bamboo that i had purchased for this purpose into 4 and 1/2 inch lengths.  Today I hung it on the fence and filled it with the short bamboo pieces.

Here it is ready for occupants...
Here is what I started with. Scrap wood.
I was able to use the pieces the lengths that they were.  The back is a piece of old 2x6 and the sides, bottom and top are all 1x pine.
The holes are predrilled and the screws started
the right side is attached to the back

attaching the base
the left side is added
Adding the roof
Painted blue and hanging on the fence
filling up the box with the bamboo pieces

Okay bees--we're ready!

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