Sunday, April 21, 2013

the replacement pear is planted

Yay, the replacement pear tree is in the ground.  It arrived yesterday and when I dug the hole the ground was pretty wet and I didn't want to mud it in so i figured a day might help things dry some and then we got a little snow overnight.  So today after the sun had been shining for a while the little bareroot tree went in the ground.  Now we will wait to see if it grows.  And while we wait we will be watching to see if the other pear and the plums that were planted last year survived their first winter.  

Here it is.  
It kind of looks like the one that I dug up.

This pear is called Waterville.  In the online catalog it is described as "Large and juicy with a slightly coarse but very sweet flesh.  The tree is an extremely vigorous grower."  Sounds scrumptious. 

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