Saturday, April 27, 2013

one down one to go

Last fall and winter I was making birdhouses.  Some of them were included as part of the Christmas gifts for my children, part of them are hung by my parents at their home and their lake home.  Four will be hung at the farm.  Two of them were painted blue and I hung those on the white fence a couple days ago.  

I had two left to hang. These are both red, white and blue and are to go on the south wall of the barn, joining the barn quilt and fencepost flag already mounted there.  I was able to get one hung today.   I am still considering if the method that I used to hang it will be the final choice or if I will continue to look for a better way to attach this large, heavy birdhouse to the barn. 

In the picture above you can see several summer projects on my list.  The winter has been hard on the window below the birdhouse which needs to be repaired or replaced.  There are also plans in the works to build new barn doors.  When the granary door needed to be replaced last year Dad was able to replicate a door from a photo found on the internet.  After that success we just naturally decided to make matching doors for this building as well.  

Here is the other opening that needs doors.  I am picturing a dutch door on the single opening, above, and two doors that swing open armoire style for the double opening, below. 
 Below is the Granary with its brand spanking new door built by my dad and painted by my mom.  Thanks Mom and Dad. 
The door that inspired this project can be found on the blog listed on the sidebar to the right where it says 'inspiration'.

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