Monday, April 22, 2013


Today before the snow got started I took down the last of the winter decorations from the fence and replaced them with a couple bird houses.  They are blue and they are hanging near the bottle bush that holds the blue beer bottles.  If I put the blue bird bath in the same area it will be kind of a cobalt garden. 

I have two more birdhouses to hang.  These are flag colors and will hang on the barn alongside the fencepost flag.  Hanging those involves a ladder and a helper. 

In a related project I am planning to make a mason bee house to attract pollinators to the yard.  Mason bees do not sting and they will lay their eggs in tubes.  I have several lengths of bamboo that I can cut down to short lengths and place them in a box that will hang near the garden and orchard.  Perhaps if I paint the box blue it can hang in the cobalt garden. 

Today while it was snowing Cody and Sadie and I heard a very noisy vehicle.  Not sure at first what it was, I looked out the window and eventually saw a dark pickup driving in the field along the ditch across the road from our house.  We watched him travel east until he got to the approach by the dredge ditch and up he come, onto the road.  So of course we had to go check it out.  Turns out he went into the ditch west of our house just past the approach about halfway between our house and the neighbors, drove at an angle thru the ditch, up into the field and continued along the edge of the field until he got to the next approach.  Although there was very little snow on the road in front of our house, where he went in the highway was covered full width with a snow/slush mix.  Luckily he didn't hit the first approach and I imagine he didn't dare stop because he surely would have gotten stuck in the mud.  That ditch is pretty steep so I am wondering if he caught the edge of the approach as he went across. 

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