Sunday, April 28, 2013

spring is in the air...

It felt like summer today.  The high was recorded at 79 degrees and it is kind of looking like we might get a little rain tonight.  It felt good to get outside and do a little  preparation work in the portager.  I worked up the new soil in the bed that was replaced last fall and the center bed.  Both need a couple more inches of compost to fill them up to the top and recharge the soil.

So I headed over to check out the compost pile.  The compost is not fully decomposed yet but it is close so I shoveled off a few wheelbarrows-full and started a new pile.  If it doesn't rain tonight I will water it tomorrow.  I think that turning the pile will encourage it to decompose faster and hopefully be ready to add to the garden boxes before it is time to plant those boxes.

Some of the perimeter boxes will need more soil or compost to top them off as well.  A decision needs to be made as to whether to plant the three long boxes that need to be replaced or rebuild them and then plant them.  Once there is stuff growing it is pretty much fall before any building can be done.  

A quick peek in the box where I planted the garlic last fall shows that nothing is happening yet.  If no rain tonight perhaps I will give that a shot of water tomorrow.  There is no activity yet in the strawberry tower yet so that will get a shot of water tomorrow also.

Next I moved to the greenhouse and watered all of the plants on the tables and planted seeds for transplants.  Quite a bit of the seeds planted last weekend are up and so I moved most of them off the heat mat to make room for today's plantings: two kinds of cucumbers, both a pickling and a slicing, along with two summer squashes, a yellow and a zucchini, two winter squashes, an acorn and a butternut, and the pumpkins.

These, along with the melons planted last week and the sweet corn will be going into the new planting area which still needs to be readied.  It was still pretty wet a couple days ago but once it is dry we will till it and lay out the beds. I would like part of the garden to be done in raised rows.  I am thinking that if I install a few every year that it would be manageable and allow for the layout to develop over the course of time.

To do list for tomorrow:

set up the bird bath
water the new pear tree
water the garlic
water the strawberry tower
water the new compost pile
work up the soil in one or two perimeter beds
check the field for moisture
move more composting manure  

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