Wednesday, May 1, 2013

first in the field, corn ground is ready to go

Our new growing spot is affectionately referred to as 'the cornfield'.  It will be where we grow sweet corn and melons and squashes and pumpkins and other crops that need lots of room.  Last fall, Brad,  my brother-in-law and neighbor came over with his tractor and an implement for tillage called a ripper.  He used this implement to disturb the turf that was there.  The spot sat over winter and this spring as soon as it was dry enough Dad ran the tiller over it to break up the clumps and smooth the soil. 

When Dad and Mom met their friends for lunch today Dad said that he reported that "we were the first farmers in the field and the corn ground was ready to go".  The ground looks beautiful.  

Here is dad way down at the west end of 'the cornfield'.  In this picture the ground has been worked once and parts are getting a second pass.  The field is rectangular in shape and Dad spent some time squaring up the edges and making a neat perimeter so that I will be able to mow right up to it.
 This shot is of the one corner that was still a little too wet to work.  A couple days ago there was a big snow drift here.
 Here is Cody supervising. 
 And a few action shots of Dad on the tiller...

Thanks Dad!

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